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Old 10-07-2014, 12:43 PM
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Default Help Fixing Broken GTX 660 PCIe Connector

Hi All

Picked up a broken GTX 660 with missing (broken off) PCIE connector before the slot key as a project card. I have tried fixing it but must be missing something because it does not post.

To fix the problem, I stole some lego's from my kids and epoxied a replacement connector piece cut from an old card. Photos are front and back. This is the second try, first time I tried using wires to connect the 12 V and 3.3 volt lines and this literally started a small fire. Luckily, my pcie slot survived. I am now using a molex connector to supply 12 V and a SATA connector to supply the 3.3 V. See markings.

Here is the front connections

Front with text.jpg

Because I have power supplied from external connectors, I have nothing connected to the pins of the front side. I own another card like this and from tracing the good card it appears that smclk (pin 5), smdat (pin 6), 3v ext (pin 10 )and wake# (pin 11) on the front are not used.

I am a newb at this so can someone confirm that these pins are not needed?

Here are the back connections

back with text.jpg

On the back side of the card, I have prsnt1 connected to last prsnt 2, TDI shorted to TDO, and pwrgd (PCIE RST) connect to a trace on the front side of the card. ( Not sure to what chip this trace runs to on the card but do think it is connected) All other JTAG connections appear unused.

Again, some confirmation that that these connections are all that is necessary would help me.

It is not working and I am stumped so any ideas would help about what I am missing.

My current thought is that it is not working because I am missing the R102 resistor. One end of this goes to ground, the other I cannot figure out where it goes, maybe a pull down resistor? Image of good card shows missing resistor.

good front.jpg

Other possibilities are that I have a bad chip somewhere on the card or a ground or power trace is missing somewhere. I am double checking these.

Any thoughts or suggestions are greatly appreciated. Many Thanks.

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