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Old 07-03-2015, 07:01 PM
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For sell few DDR3 kits and Asrock Z87M OCF motherboard for the start, soon will update with few more things. PSC (also golden on LN2), BBSE , BDBG (goldens on LN2), Samsungs (goldens), MFR and so on just be sure to read alll position not to miss anything! For memories with the screen - all tests were done with CPU @ air and memories @ air with delta fan on them in ambient ~ 26*C. Only PSC PIS 2000C6 were tested on LN2 but still with CPU on air All screens for air results were done few days ago and put into the boxes. No more benching on them on air/ln2, nothing. They are waiting safe for new owners

1. Asrock Z87M OCF motherboard with a box and accessories (I/O shield included), cleaned from vaseline after LN2 benching, good sample, was playing handling full pot for mems no problem, also ran 2800C6 stable. Has one issue - on back panel USB 3.0 (BLUE) are not working. USB 2.0 on the back, ps2, audio, lan are alive, also USB extensions for case panel are in working condition. It can be a nice mem testing/ln2 benching motherboard, even 24/7 if you don't need USB 3.0.

Price - 60 Euro.

2. KHX2400C11D3K4/8GX (box) Quad Channel 4x2 GB CFR, great clockers, I used them for HOT Qualifier 2013), lifetime warranty, I have invoice somewhere for them

Price - 70 Euro

3. Patriot Sector 5 2x2 GB PSC 2400 C9 PVV34G2400C9K (box) - pretty rare model, almost highest Patriot bin, never on cold, tested only stock, vendor's lifetime warranty

Price - 60 Euro

4. G.skill F3-17600CL9D-4GBXLD 2200 9-11-9-28 PSC (comes with g.skill fan and box), never on cold, tested only stock, vendor's lifetime warranty

Price - 50 Euro

5. Adata AX3U2800W4G12-DGV (MFR, 2x4 GB C12 2800) (box), used for one of the first PRO CUP rounds, vendor's lifetime warranty

Price 120 Euro

6. 2x kitG.skill F3-16000CL9D-4GBTD (Elpida BBSE), tested on stock, never on cold, original stickers on screws

Price - 40 Euro per kit, both kits - 70 Euro

7. 2x kit Corsair CMT6GX3M3A2000C8 (box) 2x2 GB 2000C8 PSC, both kits do 2600 C8-12-8-12 1T pretty tight air, better TWCL6 and worse TWCL7, on LN2 2600-2666 C6 tight is possible for benching, vendor's lifetime warranty, I should have invoices somewhere for those

better kit 45 Euro, worse kit 40 Euro, both kits 75 Euro

8. HyperX KHX2133C9AD3T1K2/4GX (box) Elpida BDBG, one of my 3 best BDBG sets (I had like 50 GB of HyperX BDBG), 2600 8-12-8-12 1T TWCL6 tight (TWCL is very hard for BDBG, most of the kits can't boot it even on LN2) on air stable, this kit on LN2 could do supertight 2666 C6 pretty easy, vendor's lifetime warranty NOTE THAT BDBG SCALES BETTER ON LN2 THAN PSC AND LOVES COLD AND HAS NO CB NO CBB

Price - 120 Euro

9. HyperX KHX2333C9D3T1K2/4GX (box), my best BDBG, 2600 8-12-8-12 1T TWCL 6 tight on air, (TWCL is very hard for BDBG, most of the kits can't boot it even on LN2) on LN2 2800 C6 supertight benching maxmem or SPI1M was easy, never tested full correctly on LN2 to be honest. Vendor's lifetime warranty NOTE THAT BDBG SCALES BETTER ON LN2 THAN PSC AND LOVES COLD AND HAS NO CB NO CBB

Price - 140 euro

10. Galaxy Hall of Fame (with leds) 2800 C13 ES 2x4 GB MFR - can clock 3333 C12-14-14 1T stable air, never on ln2

Price - 110 Euro

10. G.skill Trident F3 2600C10D-8GTXD 2x4 GB Samsung retails, full box with fan, 9-12-12-21 1T TWCL6 supertight air @ 2.25v which is very hard to find for retail kits, never on LN2, vendor's lifetime warranty

Price - 270 Euro

11. Corsair TR3X6G1866C9D 2x2 GB ELPIDA BBSE does 2600 8-11-7-24 1T air pretty tight, never on LN2

Price - 60 euro

12. G.skill PIS 2000C6 2x2 GB PSC "X" series, PCB 8117, 2700 8-12-8-28 1T TWCL6 air supertight is easy, 2740-2750 was crashing with same settings but could be due to weak IMC on air, memories on LN2 were tested separately, set is easy capable of 2800C6 SPI32M, even CL5 2800 is possible. No Heat Sinks cause those were lost long time ago. If you are looking for great DDR3 action, this kit is for you. It's my second best PSC kit (the best one I am keeping), and this one is not much worse than my best one

Price - 250 Euro

13. Galaxy Hall of Fame GTX 780 TI V2 with EK waterblock, retail (only around 50 pieces worldwide!), I have invoice for 1100 USD from Kingbo distribution (bought specially for Galaxy Overclocking Contest 2014 Qualifier). This one is after replacement, cause first one was killed by PSU during LN2 benching, never on LN2, just tested on stock. Imho best GTX 780 TI, I had 2 of those on LN2, both could run 1900+ GPUs easy. If buyer wants to use card for LN2, I will help with special bios and tools and mods for the card (to use double PSU during LN2 actions and so on, disable powerlimit etc.) - I can mod it before the shipping or give a guide. I include invoice in case of warranty service.

Price - 380 Euro

Please contact me by Private Message (PM), Paypal is prefered method of payment, shipping of memory kit in EU as priority (air) registered letter (with tracking) cost around 5-7 Euro, for motherboard price will be around 15-20 Euro, buyers from outside EU please contact me about shipping cost.
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