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Old 09-04-2012, 02:38 PM
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Default X79 Classified 3960x help getting over the 4.8ghz hill

Hello Everyone, I just recently got my new system up and running and am getting familiarized with the new voltage names for the SB-E. I can get to 4.8GHZ at 1.425 Vcore no problem with about 68-70c temps under water. However when I try to push to 4.9 I give it a little more VCore but then it just starts freezing no BSoD, not sure what voltage I need to adjust a little more of could use some insight.

Heres the specs.

EVGA X79 Classified Under water bios 38
3960x under water
Corsair Dom GT @ 2133 9-10-9-26

Current OC settings are

All C states = disabled
EIST = disabled
Multi = 49
Vdroop = disabled
OCP = disabled

Vcore = 1.4375
Vccio = 1.250
VSA = 1.200
Vdimm = 1.650
CPU PLL = 1.800
PCh 1.1 = 1.200
PCH 1.5 = 1.500 (not sure what these 2 do or why there is 2 of them.)

I would of thought I could hit 5ghz without too many problems but I feel that heat might be a limiting factor though I am just benching at this speed.

I game at 4.6 with a Vcore of 1.3, i just find it odd that it needed that big of a jump in voltage to reach 4.8.

Let me know what you guys think

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Old 10-10-2012, 10:02 PM
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This board needs volts to hit high clocks, I got 4.9 stable for 11 on one 3960x with 1.45v+ droop disabled, but for sure heat becomes an issue even on water.
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