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Old 12-04-2016, 10:09 AM
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Default New *Official* EK support for 1080 Classified

Took a big risk and bought a brand new 780TI Classy block to fit my Classified 1080 when EVGA & EK both said it wouldn't fit.

With a few minor mods to the instructions it was a great fit!

So decided to involve EK (and spoke to their rep EK_Grega); and the result (7 months after launch) is EK now *officially*supports the 1080 Classified with a full-cover block:

Last week this page only gave option with old 'VGA Supremacy' universal, with no memory/VRM cooling. Who says the little guy can't make a big company change its mind lol :-)

Discussed with EK_Gega:
-any "slight" mods required
-detailed information on mytemps with core, memory & VRM

Had to do a little workaround to get better contact between memory and block due to the memory 'step' in the wrong place:

'step' is 1.0mm so 1.0mm thermal pad

20c drop in all tests
Gaming - 39c (before 58c)
Furmark - 42c (before 68c)
And only 360mm radiator (CPU too)

Picture of finished article: (beautiful )

OOPS look what I did to the old ACX 3.0 cooler lol :-(

Anyway more important: Memory & VRM temps

Memory (temp 3) very high?? <-------------- actually still *deep* within limits GDDR5X is rated at 96c but 62c is too high for me
Anyone experienced answer why? Contact was good (pads are 'tacky' and stuck to block when block removed)

Maybe because they are between core & VRM so getting hit by heat from 3 angles? lol

Anyway I done this further mod and temps on these 3 GDDR5X dropped 15c (same as other chips so )

0.5mm thermal pads replaced with 0.5mm 'copper shims': -15c <----- also used thermal paste on both sides

(You can see I also 'insulated' around area with electrical tape)

Now all memory = roughly the same temp and overclocks to +725mhz
or +925mhz with no artifacts but *errors* in OCCT

Anyway I had a great time lol.

Now I need to try something else. This is much more fun than gaming :-) lol

Any ideas?

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Old 12-04-2016, 07:58 PM
k|ngp|n's Avatar
k|ngp|n k|ngp|n is offline
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That's beautiful job to get it to work. Yah the reliefs around the memory locations between the vrm and the core not exactly lining up is whats causing the would definitely be the hottest ones. The I/O side of the card generates no heat. Those copper shims are a great fix. Are they on pretty solidly? No chance of falling out of place and shorting something?
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Old 12-04-2016, 09:11 PM
nrpeyton nrpeyton is offline
Join Date: Nov 2016
Posts: 28

good point the force of the block holding them down (once screwed in) is hold them nicely in place) (I hope lol) the "stickiness" of the thermal paste also held them 'upside down' without movement as I carefully placed block down (all corners at once)

the 'step' on the block for memory contact is exactly 1.0mm so I ended up doing the mod on both sides for full contact. easy enough with pads.

Decided to only use the shims on the VRM side (3 chips) to increase heat transfer and it worked :-)

they were running 20c hotter than the other GDDR5X chips, now they're only running about 5c hotter.

in my picture on my post entitled "in this picture which are the phase regulators" it would be good to know how much heat (1), (2) and (3) are actually generating. (I put arrows to correspond to them)

If I had a universal GPU block I could test, in fact I might actually grab one from EK just to play around with. (just thought of that now as I was writing this lol).

The 780TI classy block also doesn't cover the memory VRM (apparently EVGA said there wouldn't be a heat issue from these) but they're still too hot to touch for more than 2 sec. They weren't covered in the 980TI either.

When I placed a fan pointing at memory VRM it reduced the temp on the Core VRM by 10c.

Its amazing how everything ties in and heat from one different components all affect temps of other components around them.

During Furmark the block is actually hot to the touch on VRM side (so I know it must be making good contact). IO side is cold and those memory chips on IO side never go above 39c

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