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Old 10-24-2012, 11:14 PM
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Default KPC VENOM 6.66 mounting and insulation guide |Official

Mounting and insulating this beast is actually really easy if you follow my steps below. I bench a TON with this exact method and never had any failures due to condensation, so most importantly, it works!

Usual goodies you will need:
Flat foam (any kind as long as 1/2 minimum thickness, foam tape, paper towels (shop towels are always best as they are very absorbent, Scissors, grease. brush, rubber bands, and some sticky backed velcro strips. These will be included with a new insulation kit that will come in future venom packs, but its easy and cheap to find at most HW type stores. There are many ways to do this such as sticky backed velcro as I have shown here, or you can can just use one long piece and wrap around whole container to secure the foam.

After you grease up the board around the socket, start the insulating by making the typical gaskets and foam pieces that go around the motherboard to seal out air space. For the pieces around the socket, I always double up the foam tape as it makes it the perfect height.

Slide the backplate and rods through the board, then grease up the sticky side of the pieces you just made and stick them down on the board around the socket. Next comes the paper towel gasket, then 1/2 foam unit doughnut before u mount the container.

Now time to make the Venom foam wrapper. This is really an easy way to insulate the container as the this container is specially designed to have the largest practical footprint within the socket area. Because of this there is no room for the insulation to go between the rods and container like on F1 and for full pot temps, its better to put the rods under the insulation so this really is the best way. Size it up first on the unit before you cut it out so it will wrap all the way around the container and the ends meet perfectly together and also u want it to be the correct size vertically as well so its provides nice compression on lower foam piece.

Insulation style is an individual thing and one of the cool things about extreme OC is that everyone has a little different spin on how they do it. I am gonna go with an EVGA theme because of the lovely Z77ftw model used for the shoot , but of course how u choose to do it is entirely up to you. I cut the velcro strips so that the two narrower "positive" sides of velcro fit vertically on each end of the foam wrap as pictured

Now time to mount the container and finish.

Wrap the foam piece around the container and rods to join the two smaller strips of velcro with one double wide "negative" one so that it locks the wrap in place. You can use this wrap over, and over again now every time you bench by simple use of the velcro.
You can see on the backside of the unit where they join

Using a paper towel wrap around the insulated cpu pot is recommended as a final step as it will catch any water that melts off when torching the pot keeping it out of socket area. Its not 100% necessary tho:

Venom is a beast on the z77 platform. From its inception on AMD phenom platform, its designed to be the ultimate container at full pot temperatures with regards to overall speed, internal volume, and the ability to hold a huge heat load while benching. As always good luck and have fun!

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