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Old 11-02-2014, 02:43 AM
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Default Zotac Gtx 980 Amp extreme edition

Anyone else has this card? The two dip switches in the back dont seem to affect anything just like that. I don't know if you have to short something like usually on matrix cards to active LN2 mode. Card has NCP4208 controller so could someone perhaps pass a volt mod tips.

Also if someone could mod me a good bios since I'm not entirely sure what to change in the power tables, it's kinda weird since the stock limits are already very high but my card throttles after 1.21 vgpu. Stock extreme bios here:

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Old 11-28-2014, 06:05 PM
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Nice thing really, my card seems to have gone bad for nothing last weekend when on ln2. I was about to increase the gpu voltage with the card at stock and then suddenly the system just shutdown and power supply refused to power on the system for a second or two, like if something was short. Then after that even a week after it I just get 0.2v on gpu, nothing on memory and 0.15v on pll with the EXT_PWR led lighting red and obviously no picture.

12v and 3.3v seem to be fine, but the connectors' resistances to ground seem very dodgy. Left one's 12v pins give 1.545kohm to ground and right one's not any firm value. I just get values from 2kohm to 20Mohm and the value just keeps increasing and increasing until I run out of range on multimeter. Feels that same sort of crap is happening as with matrix cards in the summer.

Any ideas what I should look for or to try, since I can't find any physical damage?

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Old 12-03-2014, 02:14 AM
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Closeup photos of VRM area might help, as your card is non reference, and I never saw one personally.

If your shunt is blown then it will be open, and logic on card will detect as "power connector" missing and will shut itself down.
Shunts must have their rated resistance, usually 2 mOhm or 5 mOhm.
To usual cheapie DMM it should be visible as very short.
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Old 12-04-2014, 07:43 PM
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Here is the shunt area now with most solder removed:

When I measure resistance from left connector's 12v pins to lower side of the left shunt, or lets say from the left input inductor to 12v pins I get 1.82k ohms now, when it should be like 5 m ohms. Same 1.82k ohms also when I measure the resistance just over the shunt. On the right I get very low resistance so its right.

Front side of card here:

The top 4 input caps give about 4-5 ohms to ground but the bottom ones give very huge values that constantly change, just like when measuring right 8 pin connector's 12v pins to ground.

I've been talking a lot with RRainbo here and he said the problem really seems to be a damaged mosfet now. The only mosfet that differs from others is the 3rd gpu mosfet from top. The mosfets are NCP5369, I took a picture of the 3rd one via 10x mag:

How it differs is I get very low resistance from the lower test pad, around 15 ohms when all the rest give about 43k ohms. The left test pad is 42kohms on each one. Can this be possible anything? All gpu power inductors give about 5.5 ohms from both pins to input caps, very close to what I measure from vcore hole to ground.

When I tried to boot the card and when measuring voltages on all components after the right 8 pin I got 12.2v as should ,12v pins, right shunt and the lower 4 input caps. On the left I only get 12.2v from the 12v pins that come from PSU, on left shunt and top 4 input caps I get 0.2v.

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