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Old 02-01-2010, 11:53 AM
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Talking [LN2,3D] GF4 Xtreme madness :)

I hope Vince allows some non-PURE team reports here

Due to lack of time, we managed to get GF4 Ti benching only by last 48 hours of contest, last day 31 January. Three benchmarking team members (TiN, cyclone and Yannn) with priceless help and support of Cyberdyne from our friendly Team MXS got to Lugansk city in Ukraine to have GF4 benched . Far away from homelabs and with only 20L of LN2 for the bench.

Need to say, that I was so extreme about this event, that even late my train (which depart at 16.24 PM) Had to catch it at 2 AM in Kharkov, with another international fast train passing by . I had pots, Enermax bench PSU and some other stuff in my backpack, so nobody could start w/o me if I'm lost . At last I caught train and continue further travel with cyclone

Arrived well, and then picked up by Cyberdyne and got to his cybercenter .

We had hardware with us, just to attempt taking some good results for HWBOT OC Competition 2010. We had already good score at 2909 in 3Dmark03 with LN2-oced GeForce4 Ti.

We prepared next stuff:

Intel SLAN3
Asrock 4CoreDual-VSTA with Vcpu vmod to 1.5V MAGNUM Legends Edition
2x1GB DDR2 Goodram Pro Micron
Albatron GeForce4 Ti4400
MSI GeForce4 Ti4600 MS8872
Highgertz GPU Copper pot
Enermax Revoluton 85+ 1250W

Temp and voltage/resistance measurements was made by mine DMM Fluke 87V.

Cheapo thermocouple from UEI DT200, installed to GPU pot was wacky, telling us near -175, not usual -196, as by Fluke's native one. Same with Voltcraft

And then, while cyclone was resting happily, I've directed my head and crashed ceiling 3-lamp lighter. It jump of from ceiling and got totaly destroyed. Too much extreme. After this teammates avoid TiN from handling with expensive hardware stuff, to prevent extra killin

Preppin some demo PC with MaJ0r

Some ASUS ads

HWBOT January OC 2010 contest bench

Our Asrock expert cyclone prepared rig to extreme, tested XP32 OS and variuos driver versions for GF4. Pity, we had no internet there available.

Intel SLAN3 + MAGNUM Legends Edition as aircooler
Asrock 4CoreDual-VSTA with mentioned mod.
2x1GB Goodram
Stock Albatron GF4 Ti4400 3.3ns drams for tests
Enermax Revolution85+ 1250W

Same time I took my ERSA 40W iron and begin making evil GPU machine from MSI MS8872 (GF4 Ti, 128MB 2.8ns).

As test go, we understoon that QX9650 better fit GF4 3d03 benching, coz bigger cache, then cyclone's Pentium E5400. On equal settings Yorkie got +30-40 pts more score. So we choosen York, no matter that to set 9+ multi we had to boot on stock each time, and only after change mobo allowed us to ramp FSB to 270 from 266. No more FSB stable here. Temp of CPU pot kept -5...+20 C all time, no need to waste LN2 to get QX working on lame 3.8G.

After midnight we fired rig up, frozen GPU and begin score hunt. By first runs got 2700-2800 and after clocks rise, we got 2940. But instantly after trying to save 3dmark score rig fkup and freeze We screamed a lot that moment .

Pots and GPU power was cooled by evil 60mm Nidec's from server. Better not to put fingers to them working.

TiN got to LN2 and started killin again. This time more capacitors was squashed. Only Chemicon 820uF/6.3V survive

Rig wasn't working always good, and soon AGP slot caught frost and ice. Windows began to halt, 3D tests failed, and soon even in 2D it was totaly unusable.

So we switched power off and go to have few hours of rest.

Day two, 15 hrs to end of contest left

Assembled rig and started testing at 9 AM. After TENS of 3dmark03 reruns at near 400/400 clocks, we tried different voltages of GPU from 1.95 to 2.1V, different temps from -90 to -160 C.

Cyclone was pushing rig, TiN and Cyberdyne were controlling temps, Yannn supported us all ways possible

BTW card looked awfully and totally ghetto

Component side
Back side with mods and extra caps

MSI GF4 Ti4600 MS-8872 was juiced up with few caps and three mods. Photo

To power mems I've used Fujitsu 820uF 4V, and for GPU selected pair of Rubycon 2700/6.3 MFZ and Fujitsu 820/2.5 + Chemicon 3300/6.3 KZG

Evil me before next Vgpu/Vmem adjust

Final voltages on gpu was set to 2.05V, drams 3.05V, i/o volts set to 1.4V. More I/O got artifacts even on 700MHz mem.

That allow us to nail 2949 in 3dmark03 with GF4 Ti4600 with -140C. With saved result we run to Cyberdyne home and upload score. On that moment it was first in rank, and only ~8 hrs left to the end And I with cyclone had train schedule to Kiev only 1 hour after that

In general, we had lots of fun, and returned home in good mood. We managed to take part of January OC 2010 with not the last place, having only 1 day to get score .

Extreme 3D-benchmarking is much more fun than tasteless superpi and CPU-Z runs, as for me. So I have plans for futher 3D benching, just need to catch some essential hardware, like GPU pot and prepare powermonster units for getting ALL from GPU's. I've already planned 1200WATT for single GPU kit . thanks Cyberdyne for help with benching and having fun together in Lugansk city.

Maniacs from left to right: Cyberdyne (Team MXS Ukraine) и cyclone, Yannn, TiN (

Stay tuned

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TiN your a sick man. "Geforce 4" who used to frequent XS back in the day and make some really funny and useless posts would be PROUD!
3D benching rules compared to 2D. I'm same way, I totally cant stand 2D benching anymore. So damn boring. 32M sucks!
Serious GPU HP going out this week for u and your crew
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Awesome stuff Tin, proper old-school benchmarking!
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extreme oc, killin hardware, ln2, xtreme 3d

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