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Old 11-22-2016, 09:39 PM
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Originally Posted by k|ngp|n View Post
Should be soon. This is an EVGA product so it will be on evga north american retail site. Yep thats the plan, it can work as a standalone evbot voltage controller AND Epower w/ onboard evbot voltage controller.
Fantastic; this sounds great - can't wait :-)

I also have some old graphics cards lying around that I may want to try some LN2 experiments on soon.

I also plan on upgrading to the new AMD ZEN when it comes out, meaning I can do some LN2 on my current, but "then to be" "old" AMD-FX8350.

I've had a look at and found the accessories needed, one question I have though; is there a "newbie" tutorial anywhere aimed at people who are completely and utterly new to the concept? (Having never tried it before? I don't even have any "offline" friends who are into computing the way I am - my friends are all into football)...

...I'm talking about something that goes over everything; for example I can't imagine trying this in a normal ATX case. I'd assume you'd need a bench table for leverage/access. <<< that is just one consideration ... however I am sure someone completely *new* to this concept may need a "steer" in the right direction on many many other issues as basic as that one. (Hope I have correctly demonstrated my "point" there).

I'm not ready to dive in just yet; but I definitely see it as something I will want to try in the "near-medium" future. I suppose I have a lot more reading to do first :-)

I do have many "online" friends on who I am sure would be in awe of my experience; should I indeed decide to try LN2 and do it successfully... I can just imagine the feeling I'd get posting up my LN2 score for the first time on my 1080 and beating everyone :-) lol :-)

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Old 11-23-2016, 05:43 AM
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Go over to hwbot forums, or ocn's subzero cooling section...plenty of us over there doing sub zero who would be happy to help you get setup and running, wether it be ln2 or dry ice.
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