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Swiftech H220-X review Part 2 of 2

Overclocking Report and aio water-coolers shootout , Swiftech H220-X versus Corsair Hydro Series H105 240mm Radiator , Wish 240mm aio water-cooling kit would perform better ?

Hardware And Software Used Settings:

Swiftech H220-X and Corsair Hydro Series H105
Asus Maximus VII Hero Z97
Intel Core i7 4790K CPU Haswell
G.Skill 2x4GB DDR3 2000 Cas9
Sapphire R7-240 1GB
eVGA Supernova G2 1300w Power Supply Unit
OCZ Agility 3 SSD
Swiftech TiM Mate Thermal Grease was used in both aio water-coolers on each mount.

Windows 7 x64bit fully updated , all updates installed.
RealTemp 3.70
WPrime v.1.55
Cinebench R15 x64bit
CPU-Z v.1.70 x64bit
Asus TurboV Core overclocking utility v. 1.00..15

The long testing has been done , finished , and we got a winner by a big margin. I have tested for maximum CPU stable overclock running WPrime v.1.55 1024m CPU Stability Test and Cinebench R15 CPU Test. My rule of thumb and maximum temperature for a fragile 22mm Haswell cpu is 80c , anything pass 80c is unacceptable in my opinion.

Swiftech H220-X was able to hit a maximum 100% stable overclock of 4900Mhz at a very high voltage of 1.405v cpu v.core staying under 79C all the time during the testing period at 100% cpu load. Incredible performance by the H220-X , it was able to handle all those volts in a hot running Haswell cpu like a Boss , the heat load was massive to handle.

The contender for the Swiftech H220-X was the Corsair H105 , and I was very disappointed by this aio , I expected better performance really. Corsair H105 was able to hit only 4800Mhz Not completely stable at a maximum voltage of 1.35v cpu v.core only , ( plenty of BSOD + Errors and I did 3 re-mounts of the aio to try my best and give it a good chance to match the same clocks 4900Mhz at 1.405v as the H220-X , but it was impossible as you can see it in the videos at the end ). The very loud noise of the fans and the water-pump working at maximum speeds were trying very hard to cool down the cpu , it was able to finish the testing with temperatures of 82c at 100Mhz less than the H220-X and .55 volts less v.core. The Corsair H105 was unable to handle the heat load of the haswell cpu at 4900Mhz and 1.405v. voltage , so I had to do a 100Mhz downclock and use much less voltages to get it somewhat stable at 4800Mhz and only 1.35v , that's all the H105 had at maximum Fans , Pump speeds , it ran out of cooling performance that's the truth.

Clearly the very high end components and innovations of the Swiftech H220-X makes a big difference in Perfromance and it shows , all at a very low noise almost silent. To maxed out your cpu while looking for those last Mhz and 100% stability I can highly recommend the H220-X , unrival performance while silent.

Big thumbs up to Swiftech for bringing into the market such a great product , All those innovations , High end components and thinking out of the box from Swiftech on the H220-X is what separate the Men from the Boys.

The Winner Of This Overclocking Report and Shootout Is The Swiftech H220-X Gold CUP Award Winner For High Performance and Innovations !

Swiftech H220-X Performance data and videos:

Swiftech H220-X video evidence full run WPrime 1024m CPU Stability Test, cpu at 4900Mhz 1.405v. hits 79c.

Swiftech H220-X video evidence full run of Cinebench R15 CPU Stability Test, CPU at 4900Mhz 1.405v. hits 75c.

Corsair H105 Performance data and videos:

Corsair H105 video evidence full run WPrime 1024m CPU Stability Test, cpu at 4800Mhz 1.35v. hits 82c

Corsair H105 video evidence full run of Cinebench R15 CPU Stability Test, CPU at 4800Mhz 1.35v. hits 81c.

Video evidence that the Corsair H105 cannot handle the same heat load as the Swiftech H220-X , BSOD Galore and too many errors while trying to match the same clocks and voltages as the Swiftech H220-X 4900Mhz 1.405v. , all captured live for you in the form of videos as irrefutable proof of the testing done and the numbers provided on this overclocking report shootout. I was seeing 90c + before crashing , tried many times to make it run , but it was a no go.

Trying 4900Mhz at 1.405v. in the corsair H105 never happened in WPrime 1.55 1024M CPU Stability Test , temperatures quickly rising upwards of 90c and crashed BSOD in the beginning of the test.

Trying 4900Mhz at 1.405v. in the corsair H105 never happened in cinebench R15 , take a look why -
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