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Conclusion and Reviewer Opinion

There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that this aio water-cooling unit is the best I have ever tested , starting with all the Swiftech innovations and very high end hardware that makes the Swiftech H220-X ( Apogee XL high end water-block , 240mm thick and heavy Cooper Radiator , high flow powerful MCP30 water-pump controllable via PWM , built in Reservoir with clear lighted side window and a filling port , high static pressure silent 2x 120x25 Helix Fans PWM controllable , high end 3/8x5/8 vinyl very flexible black tubing , 8 Way PWM Splitter-Sata as a bonus , inter-changeable color plates for the water-block lighted face plate to the completely new design it does rivals and perform better than some of the much more expensive custom made water-cooling loops. Swiftech H220-x is the future , the next generation in aio water-cooling gear. Do not get stuck in older generation clones aio water-cooling , the future is here right now !

The performance is way ahead of the competition , in fact there is not one aio water-cooler that can offer the performance and upgradeability of th e Swiftech H220-X , it's a clear choice when looking to buy a new aio water-cooler , look no further the Swiftech H220-X is right for you. As Michael Buffer would say in a boxing match at La Vegas - Let's Get Ready To Rumble!!!!!!!!

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