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Originally Posted by FTW12345 View Post
Update with file attached... finally it seems working to control PWM.

For extreme OCers! please try to raise PWM frequency to 600Khz to see if it improves your shut down issue.
Hi FtW12345

...thanks for all the great work on BIOS and other tools like this new voltage tool ...Quick Question:

I have 4x 780 Ti Classies, though 2 are already out and getting prepped for water-cooling, so I can't test the new tool with PWM frequency adjustment...the last version of the Classy voltage tool only supported two cards - does this one do 4, and if not, do you think you can update it for 4 (or alternatively, suggest which registry keys to mod) ? That would be very, VERY much appreciated...btw, I have 2x EVBots, but I don't think EVBot does the PWM frequency thing, or is there an update ? THANKS
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