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Originally Posted by Splave View Post
Hey man bios temps are rarely accurate when negative.

Should really invest in a good meter and some kpc probes. No point to buy crap ones now then buy good ones later.
I'd love to order the KP probes (I really wish I had now).

Because; I refuse to pay $80 for shipping & customs fees (parcel-force also add a "handling fee" when its stopped by customs.).

That resulted in me paying $86 for shipping for a $249 item.
For probes; I'll wait until I get my TEK -9 FAT GPU pot.
40 KPC shipping fee.
Paypal fees: can't remember?
13 customs fee
14 "extra" parcel-force handling fee
= 67 or $83

Taking the total cost to $305 shipped, for my F1 Dark.

You're right of course, I do need to order something to 'better' monitor temps.

I'll wait until I get paid next month.

I read mixing with 'Dethl Ether' instead of acetone allows -100c with dry ice?

I was able to get to
5800MHZ stable.
5900MHZ validation

Any further = crash

FX-8350 (stock 4.0 GHZ)
Motherboard doesn't allow over 1.7v

At least I now have the world record for the fastest CPU frequency ever recorded on my model of mobo (out of 180 submissions ;-)

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