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Default FIRST TIME - DICE - F1 Dark

Hi guys,

First time ever last night.

AMD FX-8350 on DICE.

Does an idle socket temp of -56c sound ABOUT RIGHT?

(Not had chance to get temp monitoring stuff yet for pot). So was using the socket temp in BIOS/hwinfo64.

Thought I was able to get down to -78c?

I checked mount by removing POT and checking paste. Looked fine.

A little temp probe I've got on a fan controller, I 'stuck' to the top of the inside of the pot and the difference between pot temp and CPU socket temp was only about 8c...

So the above would indicate a good mount?

How come I was only getting to -54c then?

Any help much appreciated :-)


Nick Peyton

I broke the world record for the fastest CPU speed ever recorded using my motherboard model (out of 186 submissions). ;-)

P.S. 2
I removed my 1080 classified in that screenshot as its under water. And was excited to get up and running.

It's back in now, but DICE is beginning to run low, hoping to get a good score in before it runs out. (something similar to a stock 3dmark score on a I7 7700k with same GPU would be nice).
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