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I second this.

And I would also urge the community to follow.

Some of these cards (like Classified) even feature "LN2" printed next to the BIOS switch on the card.

Even ASUS, released an LN2 BIOS. So why can't EVGA?

What about a system where by you can request an "enthusiast key" from EVGA? Which is required to unlock the new BIOS? This would have have an impact on warranty claims. And users are encouraged to overclock at entirely their 'own risk' ?

For guys who want to get into the LN2/DICE overclocking scene, EVGA really needs to begin supporting these people.

It seems utterly ridiculous that ASUS support this; but EVGA doesn't.

This is when the community begins to turn to Vince for help :-)

I am looking forward to the new evbot, my card has the connection port for Evbot for this -- so i am lucky. (and also patient) :-)

But for FTW owners, a nice BIOS, would be fantastic news for the overclocking community :-)

Kind regards :-)

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