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Originally Posted by k|ngp|n View Post
I'll see what can be done alright? I understand that overclockers like to tinker

Over 1.2v I think provides little to no benefit with pascal 1080 gpus on air. Most cards will hit the thermal throttling limit even at max stock p0 voltage on air cooler in a case before it will hit its "silicon limit". For daily use I can't really see much real world benefit to that on air cooler. Maybe with good WC temps the benefit slightly increases yah. Then on Ln2, card will need more. No OC/XOC bios out there probably because of overvoltaging issues/limitations whatever people want to call it with 1080. Ask any ln2 overclocker about 1080 and see what they say about how the card scales. Even on Ln2, these guys are using relatively very low voltages. I really could care less what other NVIDIA board partners do, that has nothing to do with my personal overclocking efforts or what goes on OC wise for evga customers (bios, fw, etc). We do our own thing here.

Higher pl might benefit more, not adding more heat to hard overclocked gpu. A 1080 at 2ghz+ with stock voltage and no power limit will just heat up and heat up until the clocks start to throttle. An increase in core voltage to 1.25v won't help that. NVIDIA released an amazing gpu that hits nearly 2.1ghz on air at such ridiculously low voltages. I never could of guessed this gen would be capable to match 980ti Ln2 clocks on air. That is crazy oc wise. Guess we just always want more huh?

Is there any OC/xoc bios floating around for classy at the moment?

I put up an evbot FW for 1080 classified
hi kingpin, the thermal throttling is due to the gpu boost 3.0 right?? so is there any ways to disable the gpu boost on pascal cards just like what maxwell bios tweaker does???

i saw your last gtx 1080 ln2 overclocking, your gpuz pic showed that a gpu boost disable bios was using. but your latest titan x pascal ln2 overclocking used the original gpu boost 3.0 bios without locking the core clock to 2000mhz. would you tell us the differences from using boost-off bios?

thanks a lot.
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