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Originally Posted by VPII View Post
What I found with the 1080 but in all honesty it was the same with the 980ti is that temperature is key. I did a Hybrid cooler mod on my Evga GTX 1080 FE taking the Hybrid cooler off my Evga GTX 980ti Hybrid and fitting it onto my 1080. Temps dropped from between 70 and 85c load to 46c load. With it came a constant 2139mhz core clock, and I say constant when running Heaven Xtreme Preset as it heats up the core a lot more than most benchmarks.

Removing the fan from the rad and dropping the rad in an ice bucket resulting in another 10 to 15c temp drop which increase the max core speed I was able to bench to 2152mhz and in some benchmarks even higher 2165mhz. So with the 1080 I found that reducing temperature gives you more than increasing the core voltage.
Absolute truth. I've been through more Pascal cards than I care to count (I'm talking north of 70) and in many cases increasing voltage increases stability... By lowering the maximum boost frequency due to higher temperatures.

I can say without a doubt that Founders Edition cards are significantly better clockers all things being equal, maintaining stability a good 60-100 MHz higher than partner cards. I have my theories but I cannot say with certainty why that is.


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