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I figured it would be better to register and post over here than on OCN about the 980KPE, so here I am.

So I tested both xoc5C and xoc6C and the same issue remain at stock voltage and stock clock, it can't even run Firestrike.
video here.
Manually setting 1.212v did make it pass.
Btw, this card is still on Air, on purpose.

After that I tried what clock I could achieve with different voltage set, results:
1462Mhz @ 1.212v
1482Mhz @ 1.25v
1542Mhz @ 1.30v
1592Mhz @ 1.35v
1622Mhz @ 1.40v
1630Mhz @ 1.42v
I was happy that I could get past 1600Mhz, but the voltage required doesn't really please me.

Today I decided to switch back to my modded ref. bios to compare.
First thing, test at all stock, reported voltage at the DMM was 1.195v under load and it's set to boost at 1500Mz. Why do I need to set 1.212v on the new xoc bios just to get stock boost clock to work then?!

After that I pushed it, without touching the voltage.
I was able to 1596Mhz, repeatedly under Firestrike Extreme.
video for that first run:
flickering is the same on the new xoc bios if you are wondering.
more identical runs, same stock core and memory voltage:

I even tried lowering the voltage on the EVBot to 1.18750v and I was still able to complete an entire FSX run.
However, increasing voltage, gradually up to 1.42v didn't help at all to get 1600Mhz.

One could say that with the new xoc there is some kind of scaling when you see the frequency and voltage I've posted above, but then take the tweaked stock bios and see than I can do sub 1600Mhz @ 1.2v, 1600+ shouldn't require 1.4v+ IMO.

I'm well aware that the KPE cards are made to be used with extreme cooling, but I'm quite sure that within the owners of those cards, there is plenty of average joe that will keep it on air or go for watercooling.
You know, some might have just bought it because they can, and if they want to use in on a gaming rig on air, they have the right to do so.
I hope that both category (air and water user) are overclocking it, at least, but the nvidia feature such as temperature target should remain. Not that I care personally and a certain amount of owner might not even browse forums to see there are different bios available for the card anyway. If you come with a new version that scale better, you might want to add that back, especially if it's gonna be shared on EVGA forum and given by EVGA support as the new stock bios, resolving potential issue with 350+ nv driver.
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