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1700 would be kinda hard for everyday use, unless you run chilled water with really good blocks. Big GPU like GM200 is taking lots of power, and pushing >1.4V makes it even worse.
Having this said, it's still possible but everything has to be right and your temps need to be really good. Try one of your cards on water and see if artifacts caused by overheating.

By saying overheating, i mean that your temperature should be below some level for each clock/voltage setting you have. Yes, even on watercooling with liquid temp +20C you still can end up having GPU too hot. It's pretty easy to test, you can replace your loop rad with 5-10L bucket of water, put some ice in water, test your highest clock, and leave it looping 3Dmark or your favorite game. Note the temp on which artifacts are happening. That's your max temp.

I know it sounds like lot of work to do, but like Vince mentioned, every card is little different, so settings which work perfectly for card A does not mean that everything would be same for card B.
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