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Originally Posted by Oj0 View Post
I can't make out from the picture, is it one HUGE condensor or two smaller ones? It looks way bigger than 3.5kw if it's just one And I disagree, PC for the win
think its 2 smaller one's.

Originally Posted by k|ngp|n View Post
Cool bench room blind. Looks hardcore
i like hardcore 2 from time to time , thx vince. still got work to do, like getting those containers off the shelfs and running again.

Originally Posted by Karmakazi View Post
Nice bench station and room

I see you like dubstep!! Dj Nebulae rocks the house
thx, sure i like every kind off muziek, but DnB is still underground here hope it stay's that way becaus on party's u dont have the little kids there .
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