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Originally Posted by wizerty View Post
to use 350.12 don't use fix bios, but extreme bios with free mem work properly. 350.12 is faster than 347.88

If your mem don't like volt, try to lower vmem.

On 2 matrix 1.6v is better than higher

1.7v = 8500
1.6v = 8600+
1.55v= 8700+

To reduce voltage you can use hotwire and "-" value but it's not stable enough for me, voltage change between 1.56 to 1.58 so not stable enough for full run. But for sure it's more stable @1.55 than 1.6 or more.
1.5v is too low
How do you adjust voltage on a strix 980 using Modfiy_GM204 program and newer drivers? right now with 350.12 if I opened modify program I get a bunch of errors. But with 347.88 driver I can run the program without errors.
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