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Just a follow up after the fact. The cards do work sort of. I found that as I mentioned 3DVantage GUI refused to open. I eventually solved that with the Intel Compiler patch. So I tried going cold and it was just a bad experience overall. I did manage a slight OC on both cards with the calssy tool but SW issues prevailed. I could not get any CPU OC SW to work. If I used it the first CPU test in Vantage would always crash or lock up. Same settings without SW worked fine. i'M ASSUMING IT'S SOMETHING TO DO WITH THE TWO DIFFERENT bios AND WINDOWS INTERACTION. tRIED THE PAIR ON A SEPARATE PLATFORM (X99) AND VANTAGE SEEMED ok THIS TIME but the new TS would not run at all (Win10) and all my 3Dmark saves were corrupt. Wasn't a stability issue I think just SW problems.
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