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Heya Mike

Not sure what you mean, can you give a little more detail? When I start the system the panel on the evbot is lit so assuming that's "on"? When I start the flash tool I hold the power button down for some seconds then the display goes dark and reads flash mode.

Update: Arrghh...I see what you mean. When the evbot display's lit, pressing/holding the on/off button results in an unlit screen reading Flash Mode. When it's not lit (off), pressing/holding the on/off button results in lit screen reading Flash Mode. Weird.
Tried both lit and unlit Flash Mode from before launching the app to after launching the app, still no go. Will retry as well as trying plugging the cable into the mb port (Strong suggested trying that, too).

Did you (or anyone familiar with this issue) happen to remember how you got it to work?

Also...just to confirm...I should be using the firmware here, right? Thought MAYBE the one here but post 2 suggests it's not for the kpe.

Thanks for the patience folks.

Update 2: Got it! Plugging the cable into the mb port did it. Flashed np in unlit flash mode. Now just need to confirm the firmware....980i57.hex?
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