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Default In my photo - which number is Phase Regulators?

Hi guys,

EK never released a waterblock for the 1080 Classified.

But decided I'd take a big risk and buy a EK 780ti/980ti Classified block and see if I can force it to fit :-)

If I can get it cooling everything properly this could be fantastic news for many classified owners (I intend to document my experience)

Anyway I have a few questions regarding the VRM. (Hope you don't mind me asking)? :-)

In the EK instructions it says:
"EKWB recommends using small drops of thermal grease on each phase regulator (that is being covered with thermal pad) in order to even further improve the thermal performance of the water block."

1.Which number in my photo corresponds to the phase regulators?

2. Which numbers in my photo heat up the most (need to be cooled)? I am trying to coordinate best possible thermal pad placement :-)

Thank you so much :-)

Nick Peyton
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