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My experience on SS -50c on a good day

Simple, thin rubber making the contact surface more even

Sex Toy Material on the plate surface

Used some spare hold down plastic to protect the mobo then tighten down evenly in an X pattern like lug nuts for even pressure.

mounted! my board was LET'd prior to trying the heater but water in the first mem slot always an issue.

Dug out a little area for the back plate and the cable from the heater. I like to have the board sit flat as possible.

Cable out the front for easy access

Here is the position of the probe between CPU and 1st slot

So here is the setup, SS binning some b-die

After 15 minutes with the heater off the board is getting cold.
Measuring the heater temp wedged between the rubber gasket and thin rubber, and also the mobo between the first slot and the CPU

Temps with heater on Notice the SS head is still able to maintain the same temp so the heater isnt causing any strange extra load to the CPU.

Was able to bin as long as I wanted with no water on the board at all 2-3 hours worth.

Dry as a bone

After 3 hours, not a single drop! EPIC

Benching live in TW or other contests, small board like the impact as well as SS users etc all great applications for this.

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