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Really interesting Editors note about negative marking. I'm not judging but I want to reply with

"American election campaign strategy"

People aren't encouraged to vote for the things that are good, they are encouraged to vote to avoid the things that are bad. (or perceived as bad)

Maybe sometimes it is similar with hardware? "I might buy graphics card A because B is noisy" I might buy CPU cooler F because CPU cooler G is really really annoying to install"

To correct a missing word in my interview: "3DMark03, Vantage and Unigine are too GPU (memory) focussed.

and.... "taking Global top-5 in 3DMark 11 (2x) and 3DMark Vantage (2x) this summer" ie....2-way GPU.

nVidia (ab)user- at both hardware and verbal level

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