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Yes, you are hovering with nice speeds there, I'd be happy to leave it as is. Even if you spend lots of effort and risk (e.g. chilled loop) to get magical 1600MHz, it would not be stable everywhere at max perf.

You can try memory at 1.7V-1.725V, perhaps you'll get hundred meg or so from that, for what it's worth
Hey TiN, thanks for the help, really appreciate your effort to help me. Im going to do following: Set the card to 1.15 Volt set it to a unstable clock and raise the voltage where the clock gets stable so I get the best clock and voltage? And with the memory I will just add a 400K resistor to the mem voltage controller, I have the datasheet no help needed there...

Also I really like yo Kingpin cards, I haven't ever owned any EVGA card but they seem like a great deal for overclockers, especially the one mentioned above!
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