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Default Has this ever happened to You?

So today I was playing some Ark Evolution Evolved on my 980 Ti Kingpin. Now I Always had some trouble with drivers crashing but overall always had awesome performance that puts just about all other video cards to shame. Never really OCed it too much because I was waiting to put it on water before I did. So it's never really been hyper stressed or anything like that, never got hotter then about 73C. So its had an easy and safe time.

But today it just kept crashing drivers. So I reinstalled the drivers, game stopped locking up went on about my business, and I heard a really weird sound, and then red garbage (artifacts) goes all over my screen, A loud POP sound and a sweet burning smell. Computer shuts off, tries to restart, all fans go to 100% nothing on screen, I shut it off. (I thought my MOBO had Blown a capacitor).

Didn't take long to find the smell coming off my Kingpin (heart drops), but to make sure, I carefully removed the heat-sink, and man never thought I would see that, the Main GPU processor had blown black gunk around (I think its silicon, not sure) Smell was really bad. Definitely toast.

So I'm already submitting an RMA with EVGA, but what I'm wondering is what the hell caused this to happen, a defect or something, Idk if it was heat related, the card was showing no signs of overheating at all, (The week before I was playing Titan-fall and the heat never got past 65C). And in the future is there any way to find a failure like this before it could get so bad it could have damaged other parts of my computer? (Fortunately it didn't)

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