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Originally Posted by nrpeyton View Post
Kingpin, Thank you very much; I also like the little touch it has with Defender to deter people who don't know what they are doing lol. good thinking :-)

Definitely moving in the right direction here; this round Classified owners have really had a hard time and it is a true breath of fresh air to see someone out there who cares :-)

now...Only had about an hour to test this tonight; been really busy with work etc... far....
Not entirely sure what is happening yet; GPU Boost 3.0 could be to blame.

The tool is definitely doing "something" as my power reading shoots up (or down) on HWINFO64 as I *apply* voltages on the tool. -- even though the reported voltages in Precision/GPU-Z/HWinfo64 stay the same. :-)

Is there another way to get an accurate voltage reading? \/ reason below:

One quick test I did was a +150 clock offset in Precision (about 2152mhz +/- 23mhz) with a normal voltage of 1.093v ...ran fine...(but then when I applied the *same* voltage using the tool it crashed.

I should have a bit more time to play around more over the weekend so I'll have a proper look when I've got more time. Test above might have just been something else....

Anyway nice work Kingpin this is definitely a fantastic step in the right direction.

For the "upcoming" over-clocker; this is where the fun all begins. (Before having the confidence to eventually move onto more Extreme LN2 benching for example) :-)

Best regards, back soon.
You need a multimeter and connect the "Probe-It Cable", 1st pin is NVVDD and 2rd is GND.
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