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Default Help required - Protect EVGA 1080 CLASSIFIED from Condensation

Protecting 1080 CLASSY from Condensation

Hi guys,

-Few months ago I successfully persuaded EK to support the 1080 Classified with their older block. Many have taken advantage of this since :-)
See my post here:

I also asked k|ngp|n if we could get an updated 1080 Classy Voltage Tool; which he kindly helped with. :-)

I also discussed how I wanted to prolong my enjoyment of the hobby by beginning a gradual 'n00bs adventure into cooling'; beginning with a:
-Water Chiller
before moving onto:
-Subzero Water Chiller
then eventually more hazardous LN2 in the future.

My journey is currently at the Sub-zero Water Chiller phase.

Last night I finished a little mod to the electrics on my Water Chiller to bypass the thermostat; Chiller now runs regardless of water temp.

This should allow sub-zero :-)

She's the 'Hailea HC-500a' (AKA Ultra Titan 1500).
-790w cooling capacity
-Temps down to 3c possible at stock
-Lower (subzero) possible by modifying the chiller.
  • Completed bypass to Chiller Thermostat last night.
  • Completed researching a compatible sub-zero coolant.
  • Last Step Researching insulation methods; but there are literally so many ideas!

Need to protect --->CPU + Full Cover GPU block (EVGA 1080 Classified fitted with EK 780TI block)

I'm looking for something that will be easy to remove.

Ease of removal is my no.1 priority. Most material I've found does not mention removal!

Wondering if anyone with more experience than me (whose maybe tried a few different techniques) could advise on this?

A million thanks :-)

If anyone is interested in my project give me a PM or even reply here and I'm happy to provide details or any assistance :-)

I quite enjoy discussing the topic too and discussing overclocking in general :-)

I was also a instrumental towards getting us EVGA 1080 Classy full-cover waterblock support;
and have since written a guide to even further improve temps by altering the thermal pad arrangement from stock.

Which I was awarded a ribbon for this research at EVGA.COM

Best regards, hoping someone has just a little time to give me a steer in the right direction with insulating 1080 Classy & Full cover block :-)

Nick Peyton

~Ease of removal of insulation remains top priority :-)

How I modifed a Hailea Water Chiller for Sub-zero (-20 to -50 possible)

Front cover off

Do take care, to insulate the internal pipes and water tank. (my Armaflex insulation is in the post).

front panel & thermometer disconnected

First Attempt (brown wire)

What a donut; I never cut wire long enough

That's more like it (outside left, to outside right, blue wire) this bypasses thermostat; chiller now runs as soon as power is switched on; regardless of coolant temperature

Just need some advice on insulating my Classy now; with full cover-block, if anyone has a moment to help, please? :-)

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