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So is your card still working OP? Sorry I didn't reply earlier, I was locked out of here for awhile . This broken ass forum will get nuked soon btw.

Think there was around 4k 980kpti made, they usually sell around 3-5k of KP's every gen. Its super limited compared to the other skus, and really expensive to make. I haven't heard internally of abnormally high failure rates compared to other skus.

On a side note and purely speculative on my part I don't care for the fan stop function. I think it heats up the card unnecessarily. Testing shows its fine and within thermal spec, but in a case on a hot summer day with cards roasting.. who knows man. I would always suggest to use a mild to aggressive fan curve on any graphics card, not just KP. Longevity>Acoustics
and if using performance bios or forced 3d state the card will run at the limits thermally and throttling etc. See no point to use that but that's just me I do understand that people value silent PC's too.
EVGA's customer service is the best in the industry, they handle things well. Glad they got you a replacement, hows it running btw?
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