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Talking Quietly sneaking in from EVGA Forums

Hoping to see some familiar faces around the forums. I am picking up three used 980 K|ngp|n's if they make it to next Tuesday without selling, and shortly after picking up pots to go with them. I already have a dewar lined up as well, and will be getting that just after the 1st, so I am hoping to get everything on a roll here soon, so I can test things out.

Glad to finally be making this move, as I have been interested for over a year, and didn't spend the money like I should have. I currently have a phase change to test out as well, just need to grab a new country and motherboard that are suited for the rating of the phase change itself.

Any advice is appreciated and of course, expect the typical questions as things happen. I will make sure to search as much as possible prior to making inquiries.

Scar :-)
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