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Originally Posted by Shammy View Post
Optical audio out works fine but analogue is constant static and screeching.

how is the Optical audio setup?
how is the analogue setup? some details
Its just a normal optical cable running from the optical out to a Logitech Z5500 amp. The Analogue is standard 3.5mm stereo jacks also running to the Z5500.

Ive tried my iphone as a source and the amp works fine so its something with the audio out on the analogue jacks. (tried all of them individually and reassigning them with no luck)

It was working originally but one day it just started with static like on a radio thats out of tune. I cant remember if it was after a system change or not as it took me a couple days to notice it as I dont have the volume turned up unless I need it for something.

The last thing I tried was booting in to safe mode with all USB unplugged except Key/mouse and only 1 GPU enabled and forced a default bios 2 to boot that shipped with the board and it was still exactly the same.

The sound driver shows that it is active with led bars working, when I play a sound or the sound test the speakers all go quiet and when it finishes playing the sound the static comes back. Its sounds a bit like the alternator whine you get in a car stereo with a bad earth. Like highspeed electronic static with some high frequency screeching.

Without resorting to pulling everything down, Ill spray some compressed air over the board today and loosen and retighten all the mounting screws to see how I go. Thanks for trying to help, I have only googled 1 other with this exact same problem on this same board and they RMA'd it without getting to the bottom of it!

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