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Who does need this module? I would like to offer my item that the only one I have.

I offer the bidding. Who offers better price it will be yours then.
The price to start with $1 and the minimal step for the bidding is $1
The last day for the bidding is 1st November 12.00 am London time.

The item location is in Ukraine. The delivery is worldwide for your expense. The estimation for the delivery cost with national post is not more than 50-60$. I believe that it is even cheaper and depends on the country you are from. The express delivery such as with UPS, DHL costs much higher.

Probably someone also interested in Dragon F1 EE. The picture is here:

The full set is in the tub form package.
The price is $200. The delivery terms and conditions are more convenient to discuss personally if you are interested, just contact me.
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