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Default Looking for Feedback for FL LN2 Party

hey everyone my name is Jason (aka Shadyreaper) Im the newest member to the Pure HWBot team but been around HWBot for about a year or so so I have been discussing with Steponz about maybe trying to organize a LN2 party in FL this is just a thread to see how many would be interested in coming down to the sunshine state and have some fun and shoot the the breeze there is plenty of stuff for family members to do here like Disney World, Universal Studios, Busch Gardens, Adventure Island (waterpark) while we are having our get together Im sure there are a few that are close to FL or in FL that would love to see a southeast event I personally dont think I have ever seen one in FL just remember we got lots of sun and lots of beaches to hang out at so let me know what you guys think here is the HWBot link if you guys wanna check it out and go vote and let me know what you think of this idea
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