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Some may wonder, why Generation V ?
Well, let me help to refresh your memory:

GEN 1 : Original design from Peter "Shamino" Tan. Just few samples were made for overclockers. Using Volterra new power train topology. Year 2010

GEN 2 : First retail version with tweaked usability. Same Volterra DC-DC design. Year 2011

GEN 3 : Smaller version of GEN2 unit, designed for GTX690. Was never sold in retail. Year 2012

GEN 4 : Revamped unit, sold in retail, resembling GTX680/780 Classified VRM design using CHIL DC-DC. Year 2013

and now GEN 5 is taking best power tech we learned, very similar to latest 980Ti K|NGP|N Edition solution with tweaks here and there.

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