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Originally Posted by TiN View Post
I'm almost sure that STEP 7 can skip, as it's goes to onboard PWM IC. With Zombie that IC does not matter if work or not by thermals

Also you are lacking of GND connections and lacking of heatsink on EPOWER
You must hear Master TiN... more ground is needed

Originally Posted by Xtreme Addict View Post
Step 7 - no idea if it works or not, I only asked Ronaldo if he did it, he said yes, so I also did it, it's few seconds of work only.

About lacking GND - I can add 4th AWG10 cable, it will do? What issue there will be if there is too little GND connection? Bigger Vdroop?

For LN2 I will put heatsinks and fan on Epower
I mean I removed to the first mod, before Epower.
useless, but fast and easy.

Heatsink is needed... and a good fan will also help.

Good job Michal.... Let's give combat to United OC... lol

@ TiN .... we also hashed lots of positive and ground areas.
Used bigger ground area than positive area, but also increased positive.
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