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VPII 01-10-2018 10:35 AM

Ryzen 7 - Dragon F1 Gemini
Okay so first of, pleas note I do not have any pictures so I am posting links to Hwbot for my results. This was only Dice as I do not have a Dewar for LN2 at present. This was also my first go at AMD in a long while but I am happy to be back.

Thank you Asus for making the Crosshair VI Hero with AM3 mounting holes, that's right now additional bracket needed to fit the Dragon F1 Gemini. It is still a learning curve as the memory controller is struggling sub-zero. Still loads of fun I'll say.

Anyways, here are some results. Please they are not great, but I felt good seen that I got it done 6 days after getting all the components.

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