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SiriusDragon 05-09-2017 12:38 AM

580 Classified Ultra OC bios?

Does anyone have a copy of the OC bios from the 580 Classified Ultra? I think I misflashed the ones on mine so I'd like to recover them if possible :headshake:

Also, what should I use for voltage control? ELEET? Old version of Precision? Something else like Afterburner?

Thanks for the wonderful cards btw, I've been getting ~930mhz core clocks on air which is pretty cool!
Just waiting for some EK universal GPU blocks then I'm going to try higher clocks and volts with chilled water for cooling.

Edit: Also, can I use the Ultra bios with the 'normal' 580 Classifieds or does it only work with the Ultras?

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