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e-Killer 11-10-2010 01:48 AM

Need zombie? Make yourself, some help arrive here
Thread index [] :pconfused:

It's time to bring topic for Zombie-:\:\:\:\:\.

Frankenshteins, zombies, half-life in videocard and motherboard :\:\:\:\:\.

All please post here.

Welcome our fellow Nectomants and their creatures:

Shamino (with custom designs

9800GX2 + motherboard CPU VRM (i guess only GPU power ?)

EVGA GeForce GTX 480 + EVGA Untoucables (GPU and MEM powered)

Sham and Nickshih

GeForce GTX 580 + GTX 480 VRM (only memory powered)

Hipro5 (with his own design FTW)

GeForce GTX 295 bi-PCB + Dual VGA maximizer of own George's design. ( guess GPU power)

Hipro's VGA maximizers


GeForce 7800GTX 256MB with Radeon 4850 VRM (GPU + MEM power)

GeForce 9500GT with Radeon 4850 VRM (GPU + MEM power)

GeForce 8600GT with Radeon 4850 VRM (GPU + MEM power)

GeForce GTX 285 with EVGA Untouchables (GPU + MEM power)

GeForce GTX 285 with Radeon 4870X2 VRM (GPU + MEM power)

If you believe that you should be listed here (or lack of your zombies) - PM TiN with your zombie details ;)

* Mod request #0002
* Videocard
* MSI GTX480 Lightning
* Mod the PWM from this VGA to use as vga maximizer. (the card is artifacting, so will be good to use this strong PWM for other cards)

TiN 11-11-2010 04:50 AM

You will need to run whole card in extra slot and desolder GPU from it, coz I don't have datasheet for UP6225 PWM to dig out some stuff. If you sure that it's exactly what you need - i will start dedi thread for lightning transformer guide :D

e-Killer 11-12-2010 12:25 AM

yes i need that, but i will not feel safe running a extremely modded dead card on extra pcie slot :P

steponz 11-19-2010 01:11 AM

Tin I second the lightning mod that ekiller was wanting.. How about for a 580?

TiN 11-19-2010 05:16 AM

And what about 580? :)
I'll start thread next days about zombienizing 480.

TiN 11-19-2010 05:35 PM

Need zombie? Make yourself, some help arrive here
Moved to first topic

Sam 11-19-2010 05:44 PM


TiN 11-19-2010 05:49 PM

Erm, this topic idea is bit different thing. :)

By zombie I call mixing different pieces of hardware never designed to fit together - to work in symbiosis. Like this:

GeForce GTX 285 with external power unit EVGA Untouchable (400A + 120A DC-DC)

As for your mod - i dislike long wires. Long wires never help in analogue :\:\:\:\:\.

Cyph3r_Smurf 11-20-2010 02:41 AM

Oh :) Going to be so cool to get some help. Many dead graphiccards in the closet, maby some of them could be used now ;)

Actually a have a little question, i understand most analogue electronic and got classes in it. But how the hell do you trace on graphiccards? When you don't have a circuit to look at and it's like 3 layers?

TiN 11-20-2010 05:07 AM

In most cases you don't need to have full power schematics.

Added pics of our members creatures on first topic

Maybe it's good to make this thread in FAQ-mode? Like ask questions, and I will answer and post QA to top post.

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