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Khenglish 03-08-2017 04:28 PM

Looking for MT58K256M321-Ja110 to add 12th memory chip to 1080 TI
I have a friend who is getting a 1080 TI shortly. I can easily physically add the missing 12th memory chip. It probably won't work, but it's easy and safe enough to do that I might as well try it.

The memory chip is MT58K256M321-Ja110. If anyone knows an affordable means to obtain this chip (aka cheaper than taking a chip from another 1080 TI), I'd like to hear it so we can try this out.

Interestingly all the pull-ups, pull-downs, and filtering are already present around the missing chip, so physically all that's needed is the chip.

I do still think this is a long shot to get 384-bit memory. Nvidia flashes GPU core configuration on the core (they dropped laser cuts in favor of flashing like CPUs and CPUID on the Kepler to Maxwell transition), so it's likely that the ROPs are disabled and cannot be enabled.

vBIOS is also problematic, but I am less concerned than the ROPs being disabled via core flash. vBIOS has become increasingly dynamic in terms of memory detection lately, with vBIOS between 4GB/8GB Maxwell cards being interchangeable in some cases. The 12th chip may be detected and run properly. If not I think I can modify a Titan XP vBIOS for the 1080 TI and flash it on, which should work.

Also if a die hard overclocking record pusher wants to sacrifice one 1080 TI in attempt to fully unlock another 1080 TI, I can switch the chips and see what happens. If it fails I can restore the donor card.

So in short, I'm looking for a spare 1080 TI memory chip to attempt to enable all ROPs and 384-bit memory on a 1080 TI. I 100% can get the chip on right. The only question is if the card will use it or not.

Khenglish 03-08-2017 09:48 PM

Also 1080 memory would work as well. It's only rated for 10 GHz, but can still be used to test if it works and should overclock about the same anyway.

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